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  • TAG Raising the Standard

    posted by peter brown on 07/10/2014 in News

    TAG are raising the Standard of white-metal wargames miniatures.

    Whether it be the best in sculpted minis, the highest quality reproduction, the latest research, the fullest ranges, the best on-line experience or our beyond the pale Customer Services, TAG strive to be the best at all these things.

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    New Miniatures for a New Site

    posted by peter brown on 02/09/2014 in News

    Here at TAG we know its all about the Miniatures, so as well as offering you the best in on-line experience, we are also adding NEW miniatures to our massive Renaissance range.

    To celebrate going live with our new Membership site we are releasing three new packs of Renaissance Character Generals, two of which come from last years Tudor Project, and one from... well I'll tell you about that when we get there... firstly...

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