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  • Valois Legion Released

    posted by peter brown on 12/03/2015 in News

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm once again delighted to announce the release of yet more miniatures for our seemingly ever expanding Renaissance range.

    These 10 packs of new 28mm metal miniatures are for the designed to represent the French infantry in the middle of the 16th Century. Francis I, the great Valois monarch, on his release from captivity started to reorganize his infantry forces into what would be called Legions. Initially these were quite poor troops, and only served at home on French soil, but they are the foundation of the modern French army.

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    Postage Issue Resolved

    posted by peter brown on 07/03/2015 in News

    I'm delighted to say that the recent 'issues' we have had with our local postal services have been resolved. A large number for orders that were shipped on the 19th of February seem not to have gotten out of the local area. Some, but not all of these packages, were returned here (!!!) in various states of completeness but other were not.

    We have had quite a large task, sorting and re-fulfilling these packages over the last couple of weeks on top of our regular mail-orders, but now the task is complete, and all the order supposedly dispatched on the 19th have now been re-sent.

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