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It’s the weekly Mail Order Update.


It’s been a very productive week here at TAG Shed-quarters, not only have we caught up significantly with out Mail Order Back-log, now down to about 10 days (although there are a couple of huge Renaissance orders older than this, which are almost ready to dispatch) we’re almost back with in ‘normal’ working conditions… which about a 5 days behind… 😕

Not only this, but we also have the first of our Zombie packs cast, and ready to ship, and we have finally, finally, finally, finished all the Halfling Rooster Riders for the Backers on our Kickstarter from last year. These last Reward bundles have been huge, and we are currently triple checking them now before dispatch.

Thanks to those that order Jintsi, your minis will be dispatched next week.

Once again thanks for showing patience in this busy period, it really does help not to have to be ‘fire-fighting’ with a back log like this but working though methodically, and the lack of emails, tickets, phone calls and PayPal disputes has really helped, ta. 🙂

Just how long is the Back-log?


As of this afternoon the new Tech here on the TAG site tells me that we are currently running about 42 orders behind, with some of those stretching back as far as the last week in May, sort off three weeks old.

This is a little bit longer than normal in terms of wait for Mail Order, there are couple of really big Renaissance orders in the cue which have been around the longest, and these will be our priority next week, but we are catching up slowly.

Of course this doesn’t mean all orders are delayed, some shoot though, but if you haven’t received email notification of shipment this week, please assume you are in this current cue.

Jintsi Released


The latest minis to go on general sale through the new TAG shopping Cart are our Muscovite Russian Jintsi Guard cavalry men.

These were used in such small number that when we originally planned the Russian range, we hesitated to make what amount to one tiny unit for the army but thanks to the insistence of one very determine TAG customer, we have relented and commission Nick Collier to make these 6 new models, to represent the Guards of Ivan the terrible.

These are the full details;

Also, should you want to buy more Jintsi than you’ll ever need for an army there is a Unit Builder pack with 12 mounted miniatures for £36.00.

Like so…

Mail Order Update 13/06/2017


Well it’s sort of good news…

As of today, thankfully we are ‘only’ about two weeks behind in our Mail Order backlog… which means if you ordered through the old site, your order will be winging its way to you now.

Of course two weeks delay on some orders is not great, and we’ll be working hard to get this clear as soon as possible, which should be about a week.

I’ll Update again before the weekend.


Bear Knight Kickstarter Live!


Pledge now to help TAG add these two new additional packs of 28mm Dwarf Empire Bear Knights on foot to our current range, Funded here on Kickstarter 18 months ago.

These 8 new original miniatures represent the Dwarf Knights of the Bear Order, all carrying huge two handed hammers. we are planning on releasing these minis in two packs, one of four ordinary Knights with hammers, and one Command pack with Dwarf Commander, Standard Bearer, Musician and a Champion.

Like our previous Kickstarter, this is something of a small Project for us, but this time the Fund Level is somewhat higher, as we have design costs to consider in the Goal.

Pledge Levels.

  • Pledge £14, for one pack of the four different 28mm size white metal models. Your choice of either the Command Pack, or the Knight Pack.
  • Pledge £22 for one of each of the two packs, Command & the Knight pack.
  • Pledge £42, for a five pack Unit Builder twenty 28mm size white metal models.One Command Group & four Knight Packs

The Project is Live now here!


Price Rise Imminent



Well, I said it was Bad News Week here at TAG, and this one is a real downer…

As of the 1st of July TAG will raise all its prices though-out its range of 28mm white metal miniatures.

Basic infantry packs containing, mostly, four foot minis, will rise from £6.50 each to £7.20. Cavalry, with 3 mounted miniatures, from £10.60 to £12.00.

Fantasy packs will increase from £9.00 to £10.00.

Pious Trooper

All other single packs will rise by a similar amount.

Unit Builders packs will rise in-line with the increases in basic packs also, with a basic 6 pack Unit Builder (24 foot) currently retailing at £29.95 becoming £34.00 each, and a 4 pack Cavalry Unit Builders (12 mounted) moving from £36.00 to £42.00 each and Fantasy Units from £40.00 to £45.00.

Weapons & equipment will rise, from £3.95 to £4.50 for a pack of 10 items.

Sorry to do this, it has been 4 years since we last increased our prices, and we have tried to hold this one as long as possible with out change, but trading conditions with-in the UK and through-out the wider world have changed dramatically in that time, and we need to move to reflect this.

I trust that the 28 days notice will allow those who need to purchase at the current rates, time to marshal the funds necessary to complete units, armies or other current projects, and it will be at least another couple of years at these rates, before we have to review the situation again.

Its Bad News Week.


Sorry to bearer of Bad News, but this is a bit of a theme of this week.

Today’s Bad News is that we are currently behind by about three weeks in our Mail Order shipment. We have particular issue with Orders place on the old Cart… why do change-overs always present new problems…

Please try to be patient, the site T&C’s are 28 days for delivery… so please expect a wait. We try very hard to be much quicker than this normally, but if you except 28 day and we get things to you quicker, that’ll be a bonus. If necessary please take a Ticket, and I’ll do everything I can to help you to find out what the issue is. Registering a PayPal dispute really doesn’t help you get your miniatures any quicker, please, please don’t do it as your first course of action.

We’ll be working hard to clear this back-log in the next ten days or so, so I’ll sound the all clear on something resembling normal service as soon as I can here on the Blog.

Russian Jintsi


Additions to our Muscovite Russian range are the first new miniatures to features in our new and improved Workbench pages.

The Muscovite miniatures that we have are for the period roughly covering 1550 -1675, which to be honest is not a fantastically glorious period of Russian history.

Our minis cover all the troops necessary to for most of what is necessary for the army but we were/are missing these charming Guard troops, the Jintsi, which can be used in small numbers. Pushed to plug this tiny gap in our range, by one very persistent customer, these 6 new minis will be released in two new packs,  later this month.

These fine 28mm sized miniatures, sculpted by Nick Collier, will only be available through the TAG Web Site, Register now to receive notification on release

Its the Bloggy bit



Welcome to the new TAG Bloggy bit, this the place where we’ll post all that day-to-day information about the workings of the organization, whats going on with preparation for releases, the state for the Mail-Order backlog and a load of other mundane/fascinating* stuff.

I’ll try to update about twice a week, and if we can get the tech to work sweetly, we’ll try to do at least one Video Blog a week.

*delete as applicable.

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