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War on the Eastern Frontier #1268
War on the Eastern Frontier  War on the Eastern Frontier is another gaming supplement in the Father Tilly series. As the title suggests, this supplement looks at warfare on the eastern borders of Europe, from the ˘Time of Troubles÷ to ˘The Deluge÷ and provides a detailed look at the Ottoman, Polish and Muscovite armies. This booklet provides army lists which focus on the troop types, tactics, weaponry and deployment of these new opponents but also looks at the way western armies had to adapt to face these fast moving and ferocious enemies. Also included in the supplement is a Battle of Kircholm scenario plus a section that allows players to generate numerous - vicious, squalid (but highly entertaining) small-scale scenarios of their own. Finally, the Eastern Frontier supplement includes a number of new war-tokens especially designed to make these new armies an even greater challenge to play and defeat.Adobe pdf files.Please note these rules are supplied in 6MB Adobe pdf format.

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