World War Two revisited

As I mentioned on the previous page, our WWII range is split into a couple of parts as far as completeness. Nick’s Japanese and American are as full as necessary for most of their conflicts in this period, the only part of the war not covered, the invasion of Wake Island by Japanese Marines against US Marines, would require complete remodeling for this one battle so we have never considered it viable.

The other part of the range are Richard’s Brits for the Pacific and the Russians and Germans for the late war.

With regard to the Brits I would say that about another 6 packs would see the range completed nicely, a couple of Command groups,  a couple of packs of Sikhs, a pack of snipers or casualties, special weapons and we’ll be done.

The Russians and Germans are another issue; quite honestly we could be releasing miniatures for this period for the next few years and the ranges would still not be ‘complete’, but equally the ranges we have are really not of much use without adding at least a few packs, so…

Over the next few months TAG will be adding to these WWII ranges that are incomplete, the original sculptor Richard Ansell, has agreed to return to the period, so that we can finish these ranges in the way that was intended.

We will start with the Germans at some point over the remaining part of this year.

If you have any ideas about what you would like to see added to the range, please comment on this article.

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